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Small before God, but big in his eyes

Heda Domitrovic

Not a small number of those who feel inferior and therefore useless. Once you realize that the feeling of inferiority leads to not only physical but also mental illness, we see that this feeling is very devastating for those who overtake.
Let us recall the words of Scripture, which are written in the second Corinthians 5:7:

for we walk by faith, not by sight.

Ostensibly it seems that this verse has no connection with our theme, but it just seems to us, because when we move the area of faith, we have to mention what we are told in

Matthew 5:14:

“You Aare the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden“.

Understand here that tells us, therefore, if we are a light, how can we be less valuable? How can we be useless?
Would Jesus die for us if we are not so valuable in His eyes?
As we have chosen for us so valuable pearl, and that is Jesus, so he chose us because he loves us ” as the apple of his eye.”
It is indeed a fact that is confirmed by the day. Let’s not belittle what was so important to him and what is the fruit of his toil!

This indisputable value can let us allow it to grow into arrogance. Let us be humble before the Lord, as He was humble and before the heavenly Father. Our work does not give us the right to become arrogant and take the glory that belongs to God alone.

How could we be proud before Him when we know that everything we did, and we have, comes from Him that we without His aid, and grace, were really just an empty body hells?

We also have no right to be exalted over anyone or anything, because it’s just an act of God. Looking at unsaved man, we must ask ourselves, died Jesus not for him to?

Standing in front of the mountain, let us remember that God made her, she’s stronger than us. She stands firm and unwavering despite wind and storm fulfilling that for which it was created.

Neither the smallest bird is aware of his beautiful twittering, not haughtily lifted her head, except that her voice praise the Lord!

When we realize that God cares for the smallest worms under a rock, which would then give us the right to elevate me above his, lovingly created works?

Be humble before God is to believe his every word. Appreciate all his work and receive al , good and evil without complaining , knowing that everything has a reason for that radiates His love and care for us

The humble does not mean to be defeated or humiliated. On the contrary, be humble means to be a winner.

It’s great to be small before God, but great in his eyes!” Matthew 23:12

”Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted”.