Spiritual articles

He will not abandon you

Maybe that’s the real title, no matter that it almost resembles as a diary: however, it is not because the events are arranged in chronological order. When an event has occurred that prompted me to think. I realized that it all started a few years earlier.
At this time it seemed to me that my love for God – Jesus, reached a peak. In this rapture I could not understand why the church and the Bible talks about the fear of God whom I love so much and desire His closeness; when do I wish to be in his arms? How can I fear Him?

Yes, I shudder of awe before the mighty and powerful God, but not inspiring fear.
I think afraid should be those who have not yet forgiven sins, and those who are still inclined to sin, and some who fear that they will be given in to temptation. They remain with God because of fear of punishment
For those who are forgiven, and believe in the word of God, fear turns into love, because of the immense grace. They do not sin on purpose, because they are freed from the pressure, dependents and sin
Smoker discarded cigarette, because he no longer wants; alcoholic alcohol, fornicator lost sinful desires, and gets tremendous joy because of the grace that he was to receive. Then comes the love and trust in God and His Word, that He who gave his life to redeem us and liberate from the Evil and as He promised be always with us and defend us.

This happens when we are sincerely repented and decided to follow with all strength our Savior.
It’s called the new birth. It is not a rebirth or renewal, or reincarnation, because the body does not die, but we die to our sins.
We are not regenerated, because Christ hath made us not reworked or repaired. No! He got us new birth. He made all new.
Everything old (sinful), is disappeared and everything is newly created. There is a steadfast power of faith. We should know the Word of God, believe in every word, every promise of God and live by it.

This is what the Lord wants from us. Then the Holy Spirit testifies that we are God’s children. Only then can we call God our Father, and say:
”Abba-Father!” ”
In that time I have been thinking a lot about God’s love and how we that love can lose. I know that some diseases and age can cause memory loss and unreasonable behavior.
I thought a living with such a disease could case dat I forget my faith and grace of God. I wondered, would it be possible for me be separated from evil without awareness of my Savior?
Thinking so in prayer, I asked the Lord that it to me never happens, and then I felt the warmth in my chest and could hear the voice that tells me:
”I will not abandon you or leave you alone.” (Joshua 1:5)
Now I am calm because I am sure that the Lord will take care of me when I am no longer able to. I know that now He takes care of me, but always allow to freely making decisions, and it is not too hard to follow Him.

It’s great to know that I am protected in His arms. We cannot abandon God, but God never abandons those who love Him!

Epilogue: I cannot seem to figure out how it is possible that many reject the word of God and do not want to live through it. His word is just calling us, to reject evil and to embrace His love. It has all the wisdom and the obedience to obtain salvation and eternal life
Maybe they do not know or do not understand.
Go and tell them that. Go and explain it to them, because God’s love is not limited to individuals, but is intended for all people. It cannot be bought or accept with cash payment. You can get it freely, because it is a gift.

Heda Domitrovic